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How do you change the world?

Okay, so on the surface, changing the world sounds like a pretty big claim. But let me explain. More properly it should read CHANGE THEIR WORLD. You see the world I'm talking about changing, is the world of the people directly in your sphere of influence. So, it's not so much about changing THE world as it is changing THEIR world. Working for more than two decades in leadership development has taught me one thing. Your leadership matters, and it matters most to those who are directly in your life: Your staff (paid or volunteers), your clients, your community, your family. This is where leadership matters the most, not in some abstract notion of what it means to be a leader like Mandela, JFK or Bill Gates.

Leadership is about influence; it is is about influencing the important people in your life.


So how do you change their world? by being the best leader you can be, in yours


we're here to help

Here's a partial list of clients that we have worked with to do just that

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